Programme for 2017


Shows on the Compton  and Wurlitzer


Sundays at 2.30pm (Ticket price includes refreshments)


           June 25th               DONALD MACKENZIE    From the Odeon, Leicester Square   9

           July 23rd                 NICHOLAS MARTIN    Ever popular, International name   10

           August 20th           ELIZABETH HARRISON    The lass from Lancashire   9

           September 17th    KEVIN GRUNILL    From the Barnsley Astoria    9

           October 22nd         NIGEL OGDEN    BBC Radio 2 'The Organist Entertains'   10

           November 19th     ROBERT WOLFE    Star attraction at Thursford    10

           December 10th      ANDREW NIX    Nixy's Christmas Show    10


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For tickets and details telephone 01775 766081 or write to:

The Burtey Fen Collection
3 Burtey Fen Lane
PE11 3SR