Compton Cavalcade - The Best of British

Nick and Mark would officially thank the top name organists who agreed to be featured in their  CD production 'Compton Cavalcade - Volume One The Best of British!' BFC 001. The result is a memorable 75 minute selection featuring the Compton of the ex -Ritz, Tunbridge Wells / Regal, Henley.

The CD is dedicated to the memory of Alex Taylor (1898 -1948) who originally opened the Compton for the Ritz in 1934.

Nigel Ogden chooses a seldom-heard Alford march for the opening track - 'The Standard of St. George,' and next up, a Duke Ellington medley, with Nigel extracting his own unique blend of subtle tones from the Compton.

Kevin Grunill combines 'I'm in the Mood for Love' and 'Deep Purple' for a sentimental union and in contrast, a stirring version of
'There's Something About a Soldier'

Jean Martyn's infectious personality shines through on 'Spanish Flea' and 'Baby Elephant Walk'. 'As I Love You' and 'Summertime' receive a sleek approach.

David Shepherd presents novelty number 'Somebody stole my gal' - followed by the beautiful Joseph Seal arrangement of 'La Paloma'. A lilting waltz
medley from 'Spring Parade' rounds off David's contribution.

'Vienna for Aye' from John Mann, together with 'Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue'; 'I'm Sitting On Top of the World'; 'Sweet Georgia Brown' and
'Puttin' on the Style' were all recorded during a live concert at Burtey Fen.

The usual polished performance from Simon Gledhill with a 'Rodgers and Hart' medley, which consists of 'You Took Advantage of Me', 'Have You Met Miss Jones?' 'My Romance' and 'The Lady is a Tramp' for a stimulating conclusion.

Len Rawle offers a diverse trio - 'Washington Post', 'Sleepy Lagoon' and 'Brazil' -which offers a touch of Edmundo Ros!

Nicholas Martin provides an example of the popular 'Blackpool Sound' in a medley consisting of 'Bugle Call Rag', 'The Best Things in Life are Free' and 'Whispering'. 'Misty' shows Nicholas in mellow mood and features the piano.

Donald MacKenzie presents the penultimate track -'Sentimental Gentleman from Georgia' with a Vic Hammett influence.

The finale - 'Sing, Sing, Sing' lifted from a live show by Howard Beaumont at Burtey Fen received an ovation at the time! So we were thrilled when he allowed us to use the recording for the CD. Howard demonstrates the fine percussion section to best effect and improvises with a Gene Krupa style drum solo.
If you have counted correctly - you will discover ten organists each presenting their individual styles.

The CD is available from the featured organists at their live shows nationwide, and also from MSS Studios Tel: 01341 422115


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