Alma Cogan


Below - top of the bill !

Show posters on display at the Burtey Fen Collection featuring Alma. Alma.                                                                                 



In Memory of Alma Cogan 1932 - 1966

We have a full display of Alma Cogan memorabilia to celebrate her contribution to the British music scene of the 1950s and early 1960s.
Alma was well known for her bubbly personality, giggle in her voice, her showbiz parties and those dresses! Remembered for her Number 1 hit in 1955
'Dreamboat' and novelty tunes like 'Sugartime' and 'Last Night on the Back Porch' - but it was her friendship and collaboration with The Beatles in the early 60s which resulted in some of her best recordings - 'Yesterday', 'Help', 'Ticket to Ride' and 'Eight Days a Week'.

Alma was the only singer in the 50s to feature on the cover of TV Mirror four times. These are on display in the collection, alongside sheet music, photos and rare show posters


Above: Alma sings with Frank Ifield and Dorothy Squires - another top diva of the 50s.

Below: A poster from the mid 50s on display at the
Burtey Fen Collection.